No Shame in Scam?

Acheivement of Congress : Scam, Scam and Scam

Acheivement of Congress : Scam, Scam and Scam

[The way UPA has ruled this country, The way our PM is silent on coal block’s missing files, The way CBI is not giving results and The way girls and soldiers are not safe in this country, is torturing the real Indians. I doubt when these politicians behave,.I had called Mayavati a big fool when she inaugurated her own statue and i have doubt on congressi’s mind the way they tried their best to pass the much awaited National Food Security Bill on Rajiv’s B’day.

Dear Congressi, people of India have given you task to work for country not for your family. If you people are there to promote your family then please Remember what happened in the past. Please don’t play with nation’s sentiment and stop looting this country. We have suffered, felt shame when you looted in commonwealth, we are suffering with telecom monopoly now as you have cancelled many of companies registration and now established companies have increased in their tarrifs. It was you people who looted in 2G, and it is we, The common Indian, suffering.

When a normal family is busy to earn bread for them you people are busy in your scams. Just a shame on you UPA 1 and UPA 2. ]


हमारे पैसों से गाँधी-नेहरु के पुतले लगते है,
बिल देश का पर बेशर्म, दिन वो अपने चुनते है..
कोई चारा खा गया, कोई कोयला अब भी खाता है,
और विरोधी, विपक्ष खुश अपने हिस्सों से हो जाता है..

दिन भर काम कर के हम मजदूरी इतनी पाते है,
की चलता घर अपना, हम इतने में खुश हो जाते है,
और ये संसद बंद करा कर, नेता हमारे कहलाते है,
कभी 2g , कभी आदर्श, कभी कोयला तक खा जाते है..

शर्म नहीं आँखों में इनके कि माँ भारती को है लूटते,
देश मांगे जवाब पर इनके मौन नहीं टूटते,
खुलता जब भी मुंह इनका देश को है बाँटते,
फिर है ऐसी क्या बेबसी हम नेता इन्हीं को मानते..?




Humare paiso se gandhi-nehru k putle lagte hai,
bill desh ka par besharm, din wo apne chunte hai..
koi chaara kha gaya, koi koyla ab bhi khaata hai,
aur virodhi vipaksh, khush apne hisson se ho jata hai..
din bhar kaam kar ke hum majduri itni paate hai, ki chalta ghar apna, hum itne me khush ho jate hai..
Aur ye sansad band karaa kar neta kahlaate hai, kabhi 2g, kabhi adarsh to kbhi koyla tak kha jate hai..

sharm nhi aankho mein ki maa bharati ko lutate,
desh mange jawab par inke maun nhi tutate,
khulta hai jab bhi munh inka,
ye desh ko hi baantate,
phir hai aisi kya bebasi,
ki hum neta inhe ko mante…

Be a leader and stop following these fake faces.

Robert Vadra deal records ‘confidential’: Is PMO protecting him?

vadraThe prime minister’s office has refused to share information under the guise of ‘confidentiality’ on its affidavit in response to a petition seeking a probe into Robert Vadra’s land deals. Vadra is Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son in-law.

Lucknow-based RTI activist Nutan Thakur sent a letter to the PMO seeking a probe in Vadra’s deals after Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal and lawyer Prashant Bhushan alleged that he was involved in shady and irregular land deals.

She also sought the Allahabad high court’s intervention in the case. The PMO contended in an affidavit that there was no merit in Thakur’s case as it was based on media reports and hearsay. The court dismissed the case on March 7.

In February, Thakur also filed a request under the Right to Information Act asking the PMO what action it had taken on her letter seeking a probe against Vadra. She also sought information on the PMO’s affidavit in the Allahabad high court. She told dna that she just wanted to know the ‘file notings’ related to action taken by the PMO. On March 1, the PMO refused to share the information, and said that the information cannot be provided to her since the matter was “sub-judice”.

Thakur sent a second RTI request to the PMO, seeking the same information in May. With the matter now being out of court, the PMO was in a position to respond to the RTI request. However, on June 6, the PMO again refused to furnish the information. “The office, keeping in view the Supreme Court ruling, has sought exemption as the matter
has been treated as confidential,” the PMO said.

The PMO was referring to an apex court ruling which states that “the exemption under section 8(1) (e), of the RTI Act, is available not only in regard to information that is held by a public authority in a fiduciary capacity, but also to any information that is given or made available by a public authority to anyone else for being held in a fiduciary capacity.”

“In other words, anything given and taken in confidence expecting confidentiality to be maintained will be information available to a person in fiduciary relationship,” the PMO said quoting the Supreme Court ruling.

However, Thakur is not convinced with the PMO’s argument. “The PMO claims that all the representations coming to its office are forwarded to appropriate agency. I only wanted to know the action taken on my representation. I still don’t know that,” Thakur told dna.

“This shows that the PMO is not in favour of transparency.”


Originally Posted in DNA news.