Relation Between Religion and Reservation

Here i have shared a conversation with my brother last saturday, hope you will understand, what he thinks of religion and reservation.

Tullu Chhotu

Tullu Chhotu

Junior- Bhaijee i have decided, i will change my religion
Senior- Kyu be?? why do u want to change your religion? You know we are following the best way to reach god and lucky that here you can worship whom you want, no extreme thoughts no hate. Then What you didn’t like about our religion.
Junior- Bhaijee, I don’t know what you are saying, i even don’t know why do we need religion and don’t believe that there is someone who is ruling this world. I just want to change my religion and i have a good reason.
Senior-Ok, so you don’t believe. But i believe that there is a master who is operating, you can call it a super natural power, you can call it Krishna, Allah or God. See, To believe something is always good and it will give you positive energy, nothing harm and even sometime you will feel touched and loved if you start believing.
Junior- I am not getting you, i just want to change my religion.
Senior- Ohhk, what happened to you suddenly, you were much interested in all pooja ceremony, was attending all devotional programs then what happened suddenly.
Junior- Bhaijee, do you believe supreme is one?
Senior- Yes I do.
Junior- Then what is wrong if i change my religion?
Senior- Boss, there is nothing wrong if you change but before you change your religion you should know what religion is?
Junior- Hmm please tell me what religion is?
Senior- Look, As i said you before that there is only one supreme and we call it with different different names, as we all have different languages and we all are following different path. It is like same that to reach Kharauna (खरौना) people use different paths. ok, and you too know that some paths take you faster to the destination, some paths are more enjoying some are bit difficult. Religions are made to reach the supreme and you can consider all religion as a path, nothing else. And remember, your goal should be to reach The Supreme, to purify your soul and you should not hurt other people, no matter what path they are using, and you should stand for truth.
Junior- Bhaijee i am not getting everything but i am convinced with your words and can say that there is nothing wrong if i change my religion, i also assure you that i won’t tease you for following the old, ancient religion and will appreciate others. You should also support if i choose a new path. And most importantly i am also going to reach the same supreme.
Senior- Haan there is nothing wrong but i also said that every path is not convenience pleasurable and pious.
Junior- Ok ok, but i will change my religion and will reach to supreme, i found some way where i can get fruits while my journey?
Senior- Which fruits are you talking about?
Junior- Bhaijee, Reservation. Indian government gives reservation to Minorities, SC, ST and OBT, i want to get reservation benefit, i have seen some of non deserving fellows getting job, they are privileged than us and now when i can not change my caste so i decided to change my religion. Do you have problem…..??


[My Take- I am another general guy not only with qualities but also in government data. Being a Bhumihar Brahman, we get respect in society for free, history says we have given many of Maharishi’s, kings, freedom fighters and farmers but now it seems like we are paying for our rich history. In education, job, politics and everywhere general guys have to be excellent to get an average job and on the other side so call unprivileged guys are getting things what they don’t deserve. In Kharauna i have seen many of average guys who has stopped dreaming of government jobs and started their own work or joined private companies, luckily most of them are happy with their work and pseudo society status but i am not. I hate reservation, i can’t find a single reason that government is giving these ads to do betterment of people or to divide society, it wanted to nurture unprivileged or to stop talents. No one is blind here and can see the bad impact of this baseless, biased reservation system but beneficiaries can’t speak against it and generals are not united as most of them have no requirement of jobs. If you are agreed with me share this post if you don’t you are welcome to comment here so that we can discuss.]

Sunny Kumar

Caste Based Reservation effect

Caste based reservation is killing India slowly.

Giving you a small example of my friend who enrolled his brother in a polytechnic college just because Bihar govt. was giving scholarship on these courses. Now after spending one year in that college guy has came with a year back and now thinking to leave technical field. My simple and straight question to government what he find, why he financed? Just because he is a born SC?? Can’t government do this favor to any talented guy without figuring out his caste?

Example No. 2- Last Year in a survey i read that unreserved category train drivers has performed far better than reserved ones, reasons are obvious they have only talent no matter from where they belong. If you will google you will found many of such survey reports.

Example No. 3- Government has introduced so many freeware schemes or food at cheapest price? In village like Kharauna where farming is a major occupation and farmers are more dependent on agriculture labor, who are denying to work on grains as they are getting it for free or at nominal cost. These labors are not interested to work anymore in lands and farmers are not in a situation where they can compete the daily wage comparing to other sectors? So what this govt wants, Should farmers having acres of land should sell their lands or what.? Why they are giving things for free, can’t they ask for work? Oh you are saying govt. has already work for food plan or NAREGA OR MNREGA? I know the contractors and their work style. Capturing photos and getting bills cleared is not going to work.

Example No. 4- The greatest ever SC politician CM, MayawatiJi, her ideology was stupid and i found that was cheap that a leader has inaugurated n spent more than 600 crores on her memorial there was nothing for SCs. Believe me. In a village like Kharauna, where SCs are still treated as untouchable by few of us then what this Kashiram, Mayawati, Ramvilas and all has done.? Giving reservation is ok but these reservation became barriers and it hurts alot to lower middle family who belongs from general. Government should come forward with a convincing plans or else these causes will spoil country soon. Reservation is the reason that after 65 years we are still developing in progress and became 2nd most populated country.

I’m not only Indian.

Only Indian Or Indian First

Only Indian Or Indian First

I’m a poor student of science still I believe that I can understand the most of its tough concepts but sorry to say that I failed to understand my own constitution which says us that we all are equal and only Indian. I can’t understand that how can we all are equal when we have been categorized and getting reservation on the name of caste and community? I am not alone who has same feeling but there are many of my friends with same questions. Well I will come about our questions later but would like to share this news first with you which gives us some hope and more confusions.

Yesterday J&K High court in its verdict, once again reminded us that nation has no religion and we all are only Indian. Courts given instructions to Government and Election commission to stop those people who are trying to divide this nation on the name of religion. Court headed by Mr. Muzaffar Ali was giving his verdict to Kashmiri Hindus and given reference of Indian constitution that we all are only Indian and as per law we cannot add our nationality with religions.

I agree with the court that we should avoid dividing Indians on the name of Religion, Language, Caste and community. But unfortunately this is neither easy nor near to reality, Fact is most of us are feeling proud on what we are and we are associated with our religion, caste and community and so one order cannot make that expected change and that is when our own constitution has created so many confusions with their citizens’ identification and their rights.

It might possible that court is aware about NaMo’s Hindu Nationalist Remark and also about all ongoing communal clashes. Well, I do agree with Narendra Modi or anyone if he associated his belief with his nationality. I also proudly say that I am a Hindu nationalist and there is nothing wrong in it. Fact is that most of us are associated with any of religion and all religions teach us to live a better life and inspire us to make a better community so there is nothing wrong in it.

I also agree with the court’s point that government and election commission should stop those who are trying to divide country on the name of religion/caste/language or community. But we should not oppose or stop those who are uniting/ preaching/ inspiring us to make a better country and taking help of religions.

Now government/court and all who is part of this law making should clear our point and to come with a more clear and more real constitution which would be fairer for all and there would be nothing like general, SC, ST OBC or they should also add Religion because both are reality and in practice and if you ignore you mean only arrogant.

Can we ask?

  • Why not our court gives strong instructions to government to stop Caste based Reservation? If reservation is our need then it should be given to those who are needy Indians not a Needy SC/ST/OBC. I mean to say reservation should be given on the poverty level. It alarms unbiased minds that our constitution has defined a certain percentage of reserved seats in almost all fields and government has not an exact number of us that how many of us belong to general/SC/ST or OBC? (Without knowing the number don’t know how do they define percentage)
  • Why not election commission stopped political parties when they announce reservation before poll? (In UP state election SP, Congress and BSP were advocating for Muslim Reservation.)
  • How can anyone say that he is only Indian when constitution has divided him in Minority/Majority or in General/SC/ST or in OBC??
  • And What’s wrong in it if I say I’m Indian first but I am not only Indian, I’m a General Hindu Indian? It not only sounds more close to real but also clears some doubts. Don’t you think so?