Activities in Kharauna – November’15

Kharaunites are Born Rich.

If you are in muzaffarpur and this hot summer is killing you, if you are finding for a pool to dip, to play water games it is possible and for free. Yes, Here Kharauna has something to give, In Tirhut Nahar you can come and enjoy this summer. Lucky are those who are born in kharauna and having fun for free. Here are few pics from kharauna to let you know why Kharaunites are born lucky.

Kharauna Brahm Sthan

Brahm Sthan, Kharauna

Kharauna Nahar

Tirhut Nahar, Kharauna

Kharauna Canal

Tirhut Nahar, Kharauna

Kharauna Dwar

Kharauna Dwar. Gateway to the Bihar’s Best Village.


Lucky Kharaunites.! Enjoying in siphon.

Kharauna Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir, Kharauna


Shakti Sthal(Durga Mata Temple), Kharauna. People across muzaffarpur and bihar used to visit shakti sthal and they do believe that their wishes get fulfilled with Mata’s blessings.




Crazy Kharaunites, enjoying summer?

Kharouna Nahar

Kharauna Nahar


Primary School, Kharauna Jairam


Summer Attraction, Kharauna siphon


Ganesh Ji Statue In Shakti sthal Temple, Kharauna

Durga Mata

Mata Durga’s Statue. Shakti Sthal Kharauna


Once you enters Kharauna, Both side greenery and pucca road welcomes you.


Kharauna Tirhut canal has made pucca now.


How shakti sthal looks from my roof.

Yagyashala, Kharauna

Yagyashala, Kharauna


Yagyashala, Shakti sthal

Yagyashala, Shakti sthal


Beautiful and Spiritual Chhath ghat, Major festival of Kharauna

Beautiful and Spiritual Chhath ghat, Major festival of Kharauna


Kharauna Ke Khilaadi


This Chhat Puja, visit Any of Kharauna Ghat, You will visit us on every chhath.


Shakti Sthal, Bolo Kharauna Wali Mai Ki Jai.!


Shiv Manidir, Kharauna Dih


Shiv Shringar, Shiv Mandir, Kharauna Dih

Hanuman JI

Hanuman Mandir, Kharauna Dih


Kharauna High School


Shakti Sthal Prangan, Spiritual Place to do Dhyan


Pani tanki, Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya, Kharauna


Saamuhik Janeu, @ Shakti Sthal

We salutes Shaheed Bhagat Singh on Martyr’s Day


Shaheed-e-azamशहीद-ए-आज़म भगत सिंह को शत शत नमन.!

‘कभी वो दिन भी आएगा कि जब आजाद हम होंगे, ये अपनी ही जमीं होगी ये अपना आसमां होगा। शहीदों की चिताओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले, वतन पर मिटने वालों का बाकी यही नाम-ओ-निशां होगा।’