Best Village in Bihar

Kharauna for Adarsh VillageKharaunites, especially the youths are very excited these days and running campaigns for MP Adarsh Gram. Though you all know about Kharauna, now it is our Honorable MP’s turn to believe the potential of Kharauna and should support Kharauna to make its dream come true.

Every Kharaunites are discussing only about MP Adarsh Gram Yojna and they have lot of hope from MP as they have supported him in every possible way, Kharaunites are convinced that MP will support once he will get the right proposal and so it is our task to make a good project so that we can work together.

Being another Kharaunite i too expect your support and suggestion to Make our Village as Best Village of Bihar and we wanted to grab the opportunity in Acchhe Din. Support Us. Jai Kharauna.


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