Kharauna for MP Adarsh Gram

on Independence day, When Honorable Prime Minsiter has adviced to every MP and MLa to adopt a village and make it as an Adarsh Gram, it was Kharauna who has praised Mr. Modi’s initiative. Now when our PM has launched this program Kharauna wasi requests our honorable MP Mr. Ajay Nishad to adopt this village for Adarsh Gram and support Kharaunites to acheive the dream of becoming the best village of Bihar.

Kharauna- A Brief Introduction.

Kharauna (Kharauna Dih) is a beautiful village in Kurhani Block in Muzaffarpur district in the Indian state of Bihar. It belongs to Tirhut Devision. It is located 9 KM towards from District Head Quarter Muzaffarpur, 6 KM from Bhagwanpur and 0 KM towards south from Muzaffarpur aerodrome. Click here to read more.

Why Kharauna for Adarsh Gram?

As you know now that Kharauna has all basic infrastructure and if our MP support villagers and fix the mismanagements, make them aware and encourages them for better agriculture, better education and can facilitates with the knowledge of how to use resources in a best way. As Kharauna has a lot of possibility and Kharaunites are ready to work for their dream to becoming the best they will make MP’s job easier and will help in every possible way.

Kharauna for Adarsh VillageWhy Should MP adopt Kharauna only?

As kharauna is just 9 KM far from district headquarter and 0 KM from National Highway, MP can do their good work and can ask others to visit and get inspire.

There is no other village having that much possibility and diversity, yet Kharauna is no where in comparison of other state’s village and if our respected MP assists us we can give a positive message to the world.

Though Kharauna has good resources, Kharaunites, The people of Kharauna are ready to work with government in every possible way but due to lack of political leader’s connection it stands behind than other villages in district.

There are many other reasons to choose Kharauna for Adarsh Gram and so we request the readers to support us and help us to reach to Mr. Nishad, Honorable MP, who can be a savior to make our dream come true.

Request to Readers. 

Please send a message with your opinion to our MP and request him to work with Kharauna. Here i am sending you his facebook profile link.

Jai Kharauna.

(Please do comment if you’re reading and let us know you were here. Thanks)


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