Another Lie

Another Lie by Sunny Kumar 🙂

Life iz Amazing

Jai Shri Krishna friend, Hope you are enjoying monsoon and making your life memorable. Here once again I am thankful to you for visiting my blog, reading me and forgiving me for my poor writing. You know i am selfish and needy too. So I expect you to visit my virtual place more often and guide me with your suggestions. I expect that people who knows me, who read me and have time for me can help me too make this life worthy and to find the meaning of that single question I am running behind, Why i am on this earth. You know, Like everyone i too have a dream and i wanted to be a better son of Krishna, not just a pretender, I really wanted to see some Inflation in Humans value, and i feel ashamed some time with the fact that we(Me & You) are getting cheaper…

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