Recent Questions SBI PO exam 2014 Part-2

16.What is stale cheque-A cheque that is date is past 3 months is considered stale and will often not be honored for cash or deposit at a bank.
17.Who is new Army chief of India-Lt.General Dalbir singh suhag
18.What is Bancassurance–The selling of life assurance and other insurance product and services by banking institutions.
19.Cities where 10Rs plastic notes will be introduced for field trial-Jaipur,Shimla,Bhubaneshwar,Mysore and Coachin.
20.Flying test bed aircraft developed by Hal and handed over to DRDO-NABHRATHNA
21.Second Indian firms to be featrured in Forbes Global list—State bank of INDIA
22.Finance Ministry directed all PSBs to maintain What%of CASA:40%
23.Author of Book:The Himalyan face off:Shishir Gupta
24.At which rate reserve bank give loans to commercial bank:REPO rate
25.Foreign currency exchange rate is called:Forex rate or Foreign excange rate
26.Who won national Women Football championship-Manipur
27.APJ abdul kalam was awarded with Knighthood Award.Knighthood award was given in which field:awarded on merit,for exceptional achievement or service.
28.World environment day celebrated on-5th Jun.
29.MICR code consist of——–digits-9digits.
30.What is the name of chief justice of India–Now HL dattu
31.Full form of SLR-Statuatory Liquidity Ratio
32.CRR is kept With-RBI
33.Which country changes their national flag recently-NewZeland
34.If liquidity exceeds What RBI will do?-Increase the Repo rates and subsequently all other rates will increase.
35.Worlds highest building-Burj Khaleefa
36.Fastest mode of Transfer-Through mobile mode
37.Minimum limits in RTGS-2lakh.
38.New Pakistan Envoy to India-Abdul Basit
39.Australian Swimmer who under gone should surgery-Ian thorpe
40.Ranbaxy is the Company of-Sun Pharma
41.Which bank cannot issue certificate of deposit-RRB’s and local area bank.
42.What is term Deposit?-Fixed deposits and recurring deposit.
43.Fastest mode of transactions:RTGS

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