Internet Version of Two States

A Real Story For Real Lovers 🙂

Life iz Amazing

Life-iz-Amazing-Couple Photo Credit- Google Image

Hai Friends, Before i share the love, before i write the cruelty of destiny and make you believe that some time no matter how much you are in love love is not enough. I wanted to tell you my friends from bottom of my heart that if i am still alive and writing my story, you people are the reason. Yes, once again i wanted to say that My Life iz Amazing because i have people like you. I am thankful to my family and friends, most importantly Mummy, $heen(Churail), Pooja Mam, Nikky Mam, Prashant Sir, Om babu and The Krishna’s spirit for supporting me in my hard times without asking me more. I am really blessed to have you who have helped me and given your valuable time, suggestions and support in the great our of need. All of you already know some part of my story…

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