G.A. questions which was asked in recent SBI PO 2014 Exam.Part1

1.Narendra modi was sworn in as India-15th PM
2.First white label ATM indicash unveild by-Tata communication payment solutions ltd.
3.Anti-Terrorism Day:21 may
4.Inflation in India is measured in:CPI
5.Maximum allowable transaction limit at a time in case of NEFT?-No limit
6.After its ten and half years service in orbit,on 1st April2014 ISRO decommissioned which communication satelite:INSAT3E
7.Winner of Thomas cup2014:Japan
8.Youngest female climber in the world to scale mount Everest-Malavath Purna.
9.Pulitzer Prize2014 winner-Vijay seshadri.
10.Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2013-Gulzar
11.Nuclear security summit held in:Hague(Netherland)
12.RuPay card developed by:National payment corporation of India(NPCI)
13.Committee to review Governance of Boards of Banks in India:PJ Nayak
14.Which satelite is launched by India in recent months:IRNSS-1B
15.Playing to win book Author-Saina Nehwal.


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