Important for Upcoming exam

1. Who is the first woman director of Reliance group ? -Nita ambani
2. Who was the first indian governor of RBI ? -C D Desmukh
3.Commercial paper use in as an ? – It is typically issued by large banks or corporations to cover short-term receivables and meet short-term financial obligations
4.RRB is a type of ? -Rural bank
5.What is the changed limit of FDI in insurance sector ? – 49% FROM 26%
6.What is the full form of BBPS ? – BHARAT BILL PAYMENT SYSTEM
7.When we write any program in a language we are supposed to be doing ? – CODING
8.What is the full form of TCP/IP ? – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
9.What is the current computer generation ? – 5th Generation
10.What is the full form of ESOP? Employee Stock Ownership Plan
11.Who is the author of the book ‘The Accidental Prime minister’ ? Sanjaya Baru
12.The drawee of a cheque is ? DRAWEE is the bank which is assigned to pay the PAYEE
13.Who is the watchdog of indian market? SEBI
14.What is the full form of CRAR? Capital to risk assets ratio
15.What is the Award associated with indian cinema field ? Dada Saheb Phalke award(among options)
16.What is the full form of DICGC? Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
17.1 may is foundation day of which state? Maharashtra and Gujrat
18.Dilwara temple is located in which state? Rajasthan
19.What is the full form of REIT ? – Real Estate Investment Trust
20.Which firm got recently banking license ? – IDFC & Bandhan
21. Who were the founder of World wide Web ? – Robert Cailliau & Tim Berners-Lee
22.Apex board for controlling agriculture and rural development – NABARD
23.Who was the first governor of RBI ?– Sir Osborne Smith
24.Where is the Permanent secretariat of SAARC? – Kathmandu
25.Who is Lalgudi Jayaram ? – Indian Carnatic violinist, vocalist and composer
26.Which company raised 1bn $ recently in fresh funding ? – Flipkart
27.commercial paper can be issued by company having minimum net worth? not less than 4 cr
28.Origin of the concept of Microfinance was in which country ? Bangladesh
29. Which can be said as “Buy now, pay now” card ? – Debit Card
30. The 21st CommonWealth Games will be held in – Queensland, Australia
31.The CAR is related to ? – Risk weighted Assets
32.Asset reconstruction companies related with — Non Performing Assets (NPAs)
33.What is the full form of SFIO ? – Serious Fraud Investigation Office
34. What is the full form of MSF ? – marginal standing facility
35.What is the full form of MIMD ? —Multiple instruction Multiple Data
36.What is the full form of PIN ? – Personal Identification Number


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