States and their taglines

1. Kerela— God’s own country.
2. Goa— Go Goa.
3. Punjab— India begins here.
4. Meghalaya – Half way to heaven.
5. Orissa— The soul of India.
6. Karnataka— One state, many worlds.
7. Gujarat—Vibrant gujarat.
8. Himachal Pradesh – Unforgettable himachal.
9. Chattishgarh— Full of surprises .
10. Rajasthan— Incredible state of INDIA.
11. Uttar Pradesh— Amazing heritage grand experience.
12. Madhya Pradesh— The heart of incredible India.
13. Andhra Pradesh— The essence of incredible India.
14. Arunachal pradesh— The land of dawn—lit mountains.
15. Bihar— Blissful bihar.
16. Haryana— A pioneer in highway tourism.
17. J&K— Chalo kashmir.
18. Jharkhand— A new experience.
19. Manipur— Jewel of India.
20. Nagaland—Land of festivals.
21. Sikkim— Small but beautiful.
22. Tamil Naidu—Enchanting tamilnadu.
23. Tripura—Visit agartala.
24. Uttarakhand—Exploring uttara.
25. WB—Beautiful bengal.
26. Lakshadweep—99%fun in 1%land.
27. Pondicherry— Give time a break.
28. New delhi— Dildaar delhi.
29. Maharastra — Unlimited.


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