IMPORTANT comittees in news(Part-1)

1.Nachiket Mor comittee-To permit NBFCs to work as business correspondent of banks.

2.Deepak mohanty comittee-On data and information management in the reserve bank of india.

3.K.k.Mehrortra comittee-To inquire gas leakage in bhilai steel plant

4.PJ nayak-To review governance of board of Bank of india.The comittee was constituted under the chairmanship of P.j.Nayak.He is.a former chairman and CEO of AXIS bank.

5.M.P Bezbaruha-To suggest suitable remedial measure to address concerns regarding security of people from North east.

6.B.sambamurthy-Panel favours single mobile banking application on all SIms,Panel recommended that customer should not be required to visit the bank branch for mobile number registrations.

7.Vijay kelkar comittee-was appointed by the petroleum and natural gas Ministry to prepare a road Map  to make India self-sufficient in oil and natural gas by 2030.

8.Vishnu sahay comittee-look probe into the Muzaffarnagar violence.

9.Urjit patel comittee-To examine the current Monetary policy of framework.

10.Mukul mudgal-Member panel to probe IPL spot-fixing.

11.Nachiket Mor comittee-on comprehensive financial services for small businesses and low- income households

12.Justice AP shah comittee-To head panel on road safety

13.Anil kaushal comittee-To examine the recommendations made by the TRAI on pricing of stream.

14.Bimal jalan panel-To scrutinize application for new bank licenses.

15.Parthasarathi Shome-For Tax administration reform commission (TARC),suugest a system to enforce to better tax compliance




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