Another Lie

Hai friend, Hope you are enjoying monsoon and making life memorable. Here once again I am thanking you for visiting my blog, reading my posts  and forgiving me for my poor writing. I expect you to visit more often and guide me with your suggestions. Like everyone i too have a dream and i wanted to be a better son of Krishna, not just a pretender. I wanted to see some Inflation in Humans value, don’t know why but we are getting cheaper day by day, I wanted to stand for values and the most i need is a Guru, who can support me, guide me and can help me to make this life more beautiful, more pious and more loving.

Ohh Sorry, you are here to read my Another Lie, you wanted to know about Confusion and Doubt what is happening their life, what were those facts Doubt disclosed to Confusion??  This is my last post on Confusion and Doubt if you have not met my heroes just start reading from beginning and found what happens if you love in chat rooms, what happen when you believe someone blindly and what you get back if you love.

(Read from Beginning)

People ChangeIn last post you read how Confusion approached Doubt’s friend and then Doubt asked him not to ask others and agreed to share her the facts. She already said to confusion that she has no love for him and the relation was just fake but confusion didn’t believed, last week when she said that her marriage has been finalised and also she praised the guy for his cool nature and from them Confusion started to figure out why she is leaving her, why can’t they get married. Doubt has given many reasons like their parents wont agree, she wanted to marry with a guy in government job, she can’t left her job, she can’t settle in Bihar and few more but Confusion was not ready to agree with this reasons, he was confident on his love and he believes love is enough and seeking a job is better than giving.

Today morning when he approached Laxmi, Doubt came to know and called Confusion and said to not ask others and promised that she will disclosed few facts today and in noon she texted that she has given chance to Aman, once he listen his name he became socked and surprised, he was confirmed that Doubt was not lying from last few months, though she has expressed love and care in middle but finally what she is saying is naked truth. Confusion was happy that she is marrying to someone who loves her and it is better to marry a lover than a stranger. He felt happy for Aman, at least he was meeting her love. Aman is a good guy, well settled in a government bank and have earn some respect in society and he is better than joker in all kind of comparisons available. He was loving Doubt but last year Doubt said him that she is loving Confusion and so he left silently. (Click here to know what happened last year)

After knowing the fact that Doubt was not lying from past few months he cried on his reality and again he started screaming and his heart was dying, so many dreams he has for Doubt all has been finished with a truth, he wanted to scream and shout on her, he wanted to abuse her, wanted to call her cheater, selfish and a shudra but how can he? His heart still believes that it all happened due to his faults and so he kept silent. He asked Doubt that how you met Aman again and then she disclosed the truth which she never said to Confusion, she said Aman is her childhood friend and he loves him for 8 years, for last two years they were not in touch due to some confusion and doubts. She also said that she is lucky that she got him back.

Her every word was killing him but joker has no other choice to listen her to understand her and to cry on his fate, who says only a girl can be raped he was filling today that she has raped her dream and he wanted to explore why she did this. Earlier when Doubt and Confusion were friend she used to say she don’t like to be in love, she wanted to get a job, she wanted to make parents proud first and later she expressed her love for confusion, she is the same lady who had told him more than hundred of times that he is her first and she can’t let him go, what is happening today then, what was she doing.

Now Confusion wanted to know the truth that why they people fought and what was the situations which make them to resume their relation, why she lied. Doubt has given all his answers(sorry i can’t disclose those) and has shown her happiness that she met her true love. Confusion has no choice, he texted her that the girl she has loved has been raped and killed by you both and Krishna will do justice, he also texted that he wont disturb her ever in this life till she asks to. Later he reached to Aman and texted to take care of hers and to stop drinking.

[My Take- Though my story Another Lie have been ended, Confusion who loved Doubt for more than a year, will suffer alone and Doubt will miss her foolness for whole life , i pray to Krishna to bless people with loving thoughts and real values.]



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