First Bank

* First Governor of RBI : Mr. Osborne Smith

* First Indian bank Got ISO : Canara Bank

* First Indian governor of RBI : Mr. C D Deshmukh

* First Bank to Introduce ATM in India : HSBC

* First Bank to introduce savings : Presidency bank in 1833

* First Bank to Introduce Cheque system : Bengal Bank 1784

* First Bank to introduce Internet Banking : ICICI BANK

* First Bank to introduce Mutual Fund : State Bank of India

* First Bank to introduce Credit Card : Central Bank of India

* First Foreign Bank in India : Comptoire d’Escompte de Paris of France in 1860

* First Joint Stock Bank of India : Allahabad Bank

* First Bank that is oldest Public Bank in India : Allahabad Bank

* First national bank that is merged with Punjab National Bank : New Bank of India in 1993

* First Indian bank to open branch outside India in London in 1946 : Bank of India

* First Indian Bank started with Indian capital / indigenous Bank of India : Punjab National Bank

* First Regional Rural Bank name Prathama Grameen Bank – Was started by : Syndicate Bank

*First Bank to launch branch in foreign was “Bank of India” in 1946 in London UK.

* First bank to Introduce Credit card in India was Central Bank of India With “Central Card” 1980.

* First Bank to introduce Debit Card in India was Citibank In Bangalore in 1987.


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