Top IT Companies And Their Founders

Company Name Founder CEO
Acer Stan shih
Adobe John Warnock Shantanu Narayan (Prsdnt. & CEO)
Amazon Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos (Founder, Prsdnt, CEO & Chairman)
AMD Jerry Sandars Rory Read (Prsdnt. & CEO)
Apple Steve Jobs Tim Cook (CEO)
DEC Ken Olsen
Dell Michael Dell Michael Dell (Chairman & CEO)
EA Trip Hawkins
EDS Ross Perot
Hewlett-Packard Dave Packard Meg Whitman (Prsdnt & CEO)
IBM Thomas Watson. Sr* Virginia M. Rometty
Intel Andy Grove Paul Otellini
Intuit Scott Cook
Microsoft Bill Gates Steven Anthony Ballmer
Motorola Paul Galvin Greg Brown
nVidia Jen-Hsun Galvin
Oracle Larry Ellison Larry Ellison
Peoplesoft Dave Duffield Marc Benioff
Seagate Al Shugart Steve Luczo
Siebel Tom Siebel
Sony Akio Morita Kazuo Hirai
Sun Scott McNeely
VMware Diane Greene


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