International Organisations and their headquarters and heads

Name of the organisation Headquarter Head
UN Security Council New York The presidentship is held for one month by member countries in alphabetical order.
UN General Assembly New York Huke Jeremic; 2013-John William Ashe
UN Secretariat New York Ban Ki Moon
International Court of justice The Hague, Netherlands Peter Tomka
International Criminal Court Lyons, France Song Sang-Hyun
Economic and Social Council New york Milos koterek
Food and Agriculture organisation Rome Jose Graziano da Silva
International civil Aviation organisation Montreal, Canada Raymond Benjamin
International Labour organisation Geneva Juan Somavia
International Monetary Fund Washington DC Christian Lagarde (former head Dominique Strauss Kahn was involved in a sex scandal)
International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna, Austria Yukiyo Amano
International Maritime Organisation London, U.K. Koji Sekimizu
United nations Educational Cultural and Social organisation Paris Irina Bokova (1st woman to have become director-general)
Internatioonal labour organization Geneva Juan Somavia
International fund for Agriculture Development Rome Kanayo F. Nwanze
World Bank New York Jim Yong kim
World health Organisation Geneva Dr. Margaret chan
World intellectual property organisation Geneva Francis Gurry
World trade Organisation Geneva Pascal Lamy
United nations International Children and Women Fund New York Anthony lake
Association of South East Nations Seat of Secretariat- Jakarta, indonesia Surin Pitsuwan
North Atlantic Treaty organisation Brussels Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Greenpeace Founded – Vancouver, Canada: headquarter – Amsterdam Ana Toni, Indian lalita ramdas was also its former head
International criminal police organization or Interpol lyons Mireilli Ballastrazi, secy gen – Ronald noble
European organization for nuclear Research Geneva Rolf Dieter Heuer
European Union Belgium Herman von Rompuy
European parliament Belgium Martin Schulz
The Commonwealth London Head – Queen Elizabeth II: secy gen – Kamlesh Sharma (India):chaipperson in office – kamla parsad bissessar
Non-Aligned Movement Belgrade Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
South Asean corporation for regional co-operation Kathmandu Mohammed Hasad Ahmes Manik
Amnesty international London Sahil Shetty
International red cross and red crescent movement( earlier known as Red Cross) Geneva Tadateru Konoe
Organisation of petroleum exporting Countries Vienna Abdallah Salem al- Badri


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