Recently Appointed Person in 2013

•.Xi Jinping – President of China
•.Li Keqiang – Prime Minister China
•.Shinzo Abe – prime minister Japan
•.NicosAnastasiad -es – President Cyprus
•.Park Guen_ hye – president South Korea
•.Uhuru Kenyatta – president Kenya
.John Kerry – 68th Secretary of State of the US
•.Mohan Pieris – 44th Chief Justiceof Sri Lanka
•.VedPrakash – UGC chairman
•.Obama – US President (Second Term)
•.Suchitra Ella – Founding Chairwoman of CII’s
women wing
•.Mo Yan (writer) and Jackie Chan (Actor) – New
Members of Chinese Parliament
•Subra Suresh – President of Carnegie Mello University
•Ratan Tata – Member of “National Academy of Engineering“
•Rajiv Shah – Head of United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
•Anil Dev Singh – New chief of IOA election panel
•Scott Flemming – India’s basketball coach
•Tony Hall – Director general of BBC
•Ranjit Sinha – CBI Director
•Barbosa – First non-white President of Brazil’s Supreme Court
•Alok Joshi – New RAW chief
•Rajeev Shahare – New High Commissioner to Maldives
•Ajit Saran – Member Secretary of National Commission for Women
•Asif Ibrahim – Chief of the Intelligence Bureau
•Urjit Patel – RBI deputy governor
•YV Reddy – Head of 14th Finance Commission
•Ami Bera and TulsiGabbard – new members of the US House ofRepresentativ -es
•Srinivasan – Federal Judge (Re elected)
•Justice D K – Law Commission chief
•Vivek Rae – MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Secretary
• Anil Kumble – Chairman of ICC Cricket Committee
• Jaspal Rana – Junior pistol chief coach
•Neiphiu Rio – Chief Minister of Nagaland (3rd Term)
•Mukul Manda Sangma – Chief Minister of Meghalaya (2nd Term)
•Ashwani Kumar – Governor of Nagaland
•Bobby Ghosh – Editor of Time International (first non American)
•Khil Raj Regmi – New Prime Minister of Nepal
•D K Jain – Chairman of 20th LawCommission of India
•Ashok Tomar- India’s ambassadorto Brazil
•Rakesh Mohan – Executive director of IMF


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