Inner Man in You

Dr.Ramesh Kamath: A man engulfed in worries is like the engine of a car locked in the garage. The engine is running and consuming fuel. The car does not move an inch. The running engine fouls the atmosphere with poisonous gas. This is the case with the worrying man. He consumes energy. But he does not move an inch towards his goal.Also the worried man fouls the society with  negative impacts.

Do away with the habit of ‘thinking’ too much or brooding. Make up your mind and then act. Action is the greatest antidote to worry, which is nothing but a sort of pessimistic inaction.

Learn to control your thoughts. Never lose sight of the vital fact that worse seldom comes to worst. If you adopt these as your mottos, you will have taken a significant step towards success.

Improve the quality of your work. The secret of success lies in first-rate performance. Slipshod and slovenly work brings failure.

Look upon your job, not as an unpleasant necessity, but as a means of expressing the best in you. qestion yourself- “What have I been doing all my life? Have I been idle, or have I nothing to show for all my labour and pain? Is there one thing in which I can challenge competition, that I can bring as an instance of exact perfection in which others cannot find a flaw?” Repeat these questions to yourself, answer them honestly and find out whether you are successful or not in the real sense of the world.

You cannot improve your performance if you look upon your work as drudgery. What you do is a part of yourself, an expression of what you stand for. The way you perform your job reveals the inner man in you.


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