Unseen Amigos or Chatting Friends Part 1

Hi friends,
Sorry for coming late but there was some situation and I didn’t get time to came here.
Today I am going to post about internet friendship. Yes, I know we all have already read many of stories about internet friendship but friends this is my story and I hope you will love this story.
Internet always fascinates me, I loved and used all kind of contents provided over internet and most among all I used is Social Networking Sites. It’s a truth that I was addicted of Orkut and Facebook and I have controlled my addiction but these site became my weakness, I spent my precious time there and in return what all I got is some great Seen/Unseen who complements me always, some of them are very close to me and we are still in contact.
I have many of moments which I would love to share but first of all I would like to share the latest incident happened with me on a public chatting site. I am sharing this in day wise.

It was Thursday night; I was in the office feeling bored as there was nothing as much which can put me involved for 9 long hours. I was feeling bored and started searching Google and I found a chatting site, it was totally open site i.e. no registration required, don’t need to share any information, I amazed and also thrilled to enter into this chat room. I watched Chat Room’s for 30 minutes and found it funny. Everyone was enjoying the chat. I entered into the Chat Room and greeted them all and got some replies mostly from girls as boys were busy with their girls.
All kind of people were present there but all got disturbed when any abuser enters, as it was easy to hide your identity and even you can post all your comments with a different name or a name used by others, so it always create problems. If you are not abusing any other can abuse in your way by using your name and then you have to prove your innocence to all or the hunks will start shouting on you? It was messy but always a fun.
I started chatting with some of them and soon found some of them as my friend and I started calling them bro and dude. That night I chatted with many of peoples including Abed, Soniya, Sana, Saji and some more and got two friends among of them named Ra 1 who is decent for all and Sporty Decent for me only, he abused Ali and reason I don’t know till the date may be because Abed was happier and nice among all or may be for some other reason (I don’t know and even I was not interested to know), I interrupted Ali and Sporty and it was Sporty who accepted my request and stopped abusing and so we became friends. My profile showing my name as Veer and Sporty started calling him as Jai. That night me and Jai discussed Gabbar and Basanti and also about this chat Room. We the best of three (Jai Veer and Ra1) were agreed on this here to lie is to simple and girls here are suspicious the way they interact, some of them may be boys. Well we enjoyed the fake chat and it has been morning and it’s time to say bye, we all greeted and left the Room.
As me and Jai were in night shifts so we promised to meet again in the night….


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